Macbook Repair

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Macbook Repair Pricing:

Macbook Repair
Diagnostics Free
Tune Up & Update $90-$120
Malware/Virus Removal $90-$120
Screen Repair: (Non-Retina) 2008-2011 $140-$180
Screen Repair: (Macbook Air) 11″ $269, 13″ $300
Screen Repair: (Retina) 2012-2015 $389.00
Keyboard Repair $140-$220
Hard Drive Repair $180.00+
*Tax is additional

Tune Up & Update: for Macbooks will include a full overhaul of the file system to ensure the computer is running at its best. We also go in and make sure the machine is fully updated to the latest and greatest software. To get all this done we make a temporary back-up to ensure no important data is lost.

Hardware Repair: Our technicians will carefully disassembly your computer and replace the damaged screen, keyboard, or hard drive with a brand new part to get the machine back in working order.

Manayunk iPhone Repair’s prices are subject to change without notice. Call to confirm pricing on your repair. All of our repairs come with our 90 day warranty. Accidental warranties are available for some repairs. Not all repairs qualify for warranties. Contact us today with any questions regarding repairs!

+ This denotes that the repair starts at a particular price and may be more depending on the exact issue.